Research Grant Opportunities

Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine
Research Grant Opportunities NOW AVAILABLE!
Submission Portal NOW CLOSED as of July 2nd!
Thank you to those who have applied.

Maximum Grant Award: $20,000 for One Year Period

SASM Research Grant


This grant supports further research in areas common to the fields of Anesthesia and Sleep and Pulmonary Medicine. Appropriate proposals will be those requesting funds for pilot data with clear intention for a subsequent grant application to a larger source of federal or non-federal support. Therefore the principal investigator must be eligible to submit such an application.

Funding priority will be given to the projects that illustrate:

  • Clear plans for extramural submissions.
  • Direct clinical and translational impact.
  • Clear ability to complete the research within a one year period.
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations
  • New investigators, trainees and K awardees

Maximum Grant Award: $20,000 dollars for one-year period

Proposal requirements

  • NIH biosketch of the PI. Trainees can apply with a faculty as co-PI.
  • Contact information for the PI and the co-investigators.
  • Applicant should be an active member of the SASM.
  • Active IRB approval letter is mandatory at the time of acceptance of grant.  The grant will be awarded at the SASM annual meeting in October 2014.

A maximum of 3-page application with full description of background, study hypothesis, objective of study, methods, expected results and feasibility. A minimum margin of 2 cm (3/4 inch) around each page is mandatory. A font size of 12 point, black ink should be used, with 6 lines of text per inch, and no condensed type or spacing.

The PI as well as the co-PI must be members of Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine

  • The application must include:

a)    A short 5–10 sentence summary presenting the essential elements of the proposal.

b)    Two to four sentences addressing the translational impact of the project. Specifically, how the results of the research will lead to improvements in human health or disease.

c)     Two to four sentences addressing the applicant’s plans for turning the results of a funded proposal into future grant application/ QI project / publication.

  • A separate one-page detailed budget of services and justification including costs per unit and number of units and hours needed etc. Applications lacking sufficient detail will be returned to the applicant.
  • Pertinent references and figures to be included in the Appendix section of the application.

Reviewer Process

Applications will be reviewed by the Research Grant Committee of the Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine.

Project Length

One year

SASM is neither responsible for, nor will award any indirect costs associated with any research grants/funding awarded on its behalf.

Project Completion Report

At project completion, the PI must submit a brief report summarizing the results of the project and plans for presentation, publication and submission for external grant applications. Failure to provide a project completion report will be viewed negatively when considering future applications from the PI.

Submission Method and Deadlines

Applications should be submitted as a pdf to the SASM office by mail or email by July 1 2014.

Mailing Address:

SASM (Research Grant)
6737 W Washington St, Ste 1300
Milwaukee, WI 53214
P: (414) 389‑8608
F: (414) 276‑7704

The winning application will be announced at the SASM Annual Meeting on 9–10 October, to be held immediately prior to the American Society of Anesthesiologists ASM in New Orleans. 

Contact the SASM office by email at or by phone at 414–389-8608.